Corncrib for a season


Our neighbor plants a field of corn annually. Thanks to this year's successful crop and his wilingness to share, I was able to buy half a wagon load, 1 ton, of ear corn. Once the deal was struck (I paid the local auction price for that week) we had to fabricate a storage bin.Ease of access, ventilation, distance from buildings and ground where rodents could find refuge and building materials from on farm stockpiles were  the corncrib design parameters. Locust posts, pallets and chicken wire frame the base which is elevated off the ground, welded wire fence forms the walls and a cable tied tarp tented by a center post hold the rain off.

Hopefully this structure will keep the corn dry for the geese and ducks to enjoy throughout the winter. With hay, fresh water and supplemental feed I hope to support prolific egg laying in the spring.