Introducing the boys

Last Saturday we moved Wallace the bull and Burgess the ram in with their ladies.

Wallace, calf of Penny,was born last year on Lilac Hill Farm. Because he was sold to a nearby farm, I still see him regularly.With the help of a farmer with a trailer, we moved Wallace into the barn field while Blair, this year's calf Harper and Lily the heifer who is not being bred were in the fenced goat yard.  The goat yard has the loading chute and the gate that opens to the driveway. Murphy was in the barnyard, close enough to keep the Belties calm, but not near enough to nip if he felt his girls were  threatened. Lily loaded effortlessly, striding up into the trailer to be transported to Wallace's farm. Harper, due to her young age should be safe from breeding, but to be sure, Wallace will only stay on the farm until the beginning of December. The timing of all this moving is tricky. I want Harper to nurse through the winter and I need Wallace in with Blair long enough to assure breeding.

Burgess joined the ewes on Saturday as well. When his pasture buddy died, I decided to move up the breeding dates. I did not want Burgess to live alone in the bachelor field since he is a herd animal and needs to company of other sheep. Thanks to his calm disposition we were able to fit hi for his breeding harness. The harness has a block of crayon on the front so that when he breeds a ewe we can note the date. This should help date our lambing for next February/March.