Lily returns, Wallace departs

With no signs of Blair having a heat cycle in 4 weeks, dry weather for firm footing for the truck and stock trailer, and three open schedules, we transported Wallace to his home farm yesterday. With a bucket of treats and a few loud,"Hi-ahs!", Wallace lumbered through the chute and onto the trailer.Once at his home farm he bounded off the trailer into his own field, head held high, sniffing the air in search of his ladies. Lily suprisingly raced into the trailer for the return trip. Unfortunately once she entered our large pasture and greeted Blair and Harper, Murphy viewed her as a threat and chased her, ears pinned back and a hunk of her hide in his mouth. With an embarassing amount of chasing and scolding, the "stampede" ceased and I was able to herd the beef and donkey to the barnyard where I separated out Murphy and sent the Belties into the pasture to bond over a few forkfuls of hay. Murphy overnighted with the sheep and goats in the small barnyard.

Today under my watchful surveillance, I will reintroduce Murphy to the herd. I will also mark my 2013 calendar in anticipation of a middle to late July calving. Hopefully my observations are correct.