Removing the marking harness

burgess nov'12.jpg

With the wet weather, I have released Burgess from his marking harness.  I worry that sores might form under the snug straps. Attending to his ewes seems to have left Burgess a bit haggard. With most , if not all the ewes bred, Burgess should be able to attend to eating and regaining his fine physique

Because the field is a sodden mess I have kept the sheep in the barnyard which is higher than the field.  They spend most of the day in the open stall and eat from the manger in the stall and the raised hay feeder in the yard. I am hoping to avoid hoof issues, especially with Maude who had foot scald last year.

The Belties get fresh hay twice a day from the round bale feeder.Since their caloric needs are not as great as in the biting cold of winter and the wet weather would degrade the quality of the hay, I bring them their breakfast and dinner.  They are not polite diners, moo-ing loudly at the field gate morning and night.