Cleaning out the duck pen

After their unsuccessful attempts at hatching and raising ducklings, I closed the duck house to the badling (Badelyng, Badling a brood of ducks. Example: a badelyng of ducks, 1486) this summer. With cold weather forecasted, it was time to cleanout the duck pen. 

cleaning the duck shelter.jpg

Like all but one of our shelters, this pen is transportable, easily schlepped to edge of the field with the Subaru. By unscrewing two fasteners the long wall can be removed for raking out.

Like the battery operated driver that assembled the pen, this Subaru with its 222,000+ miles on the odometer, is a workhorse on the farmstead. It carries feed, fencing, sheep and goats and pulls the heavier shelters. With its homemade rack on the roof, it can also carry two kayaks.