Planted fruit and roses, waiting for rain

The fenced hill field beyond the barn is steep. Last year I terraced the hill with the skidsteer and planted rye in anticipation of planting fruit on the south facing slope. Over the course of the last two days we planted 26 rasberries, 2 elderberries, 1 persimmon, 2 Paw Paws, 7 plums, 2 pecans and 2 roses. This is a noteworthy task due to the nature of our soil, as defined by the National Resources Conservation Service as having at  0 to 11 ": channery silt loam and 11 to 24": very channery silt loam.  In case you were wondering, channery is defined as an accumulation of sandstone, limestone or schist with diameters up to 6 inches: used in Scotland and Ireland for gravel. The planting holes were gouged out with a shovel and digging bar, refilled with rich loam from the barnyard and mulched with sheep bedding from the barn.

Tonight we are hoping for the forecasted rain showers.