General update

Lilac Hill is a very loud place with the occcasional warning calls of the Guineas, the contented quacking of the penned meat ducks, and the chatter of the bachelor drakes.  

The geese often split in to two groups, each with their own set of goslings.  When the geese wander too far from eachother the gander honks frantically until both groups respond and reunite into one gaggle. All five goslings are avid grazers.

The palsied lamb died last week, leaving her brother Vinnie and the orphan lambs in the care of her mother Maude. The flock of sheep are fenced in the orchard.  The oldest sheep, Maude and Queen Mab are shedding their thick coats and look very disheveled.

One  Saxony became lame last week so she went to the burcher with 2 other ducks.  I have experienced with one drake and I have read that leg injuries in a duck are very hard to heal so before she lost condition  we made the trip.

The Buckeyes are tending 2 chicks in the pasture.  Naturally hatching in the eggmobile, with the brood has been an experiment.  I would like to try this again when we have a broody hen but will probably move the setting hen to a shelter on the ground near the mobile coop. Nesting separately from the regular egg boxes might limit nest sharing too.

Harper dances around the field with her mother, staying away from Murphy and the geese. She has the narrower more dished head of her mother. 

Gretel the goat is the lone animal on the farm.  Murphy has the cows to guard and each species  belongs to his or her own flock, gaggle, brood, brace,confusion or herd. Whenthey are weaned, we will buy another goat or two so Gretel will have her own tribe to brouse at the field edges.