Cattle Drive


Today we moved the Belties across the road to the hill field. I ran non-electrified polywire along both sides of the road, creating an alley from the barn field, up the road with a sharp left, across a corner of the neighbor's yard into the overgrown field.

Blair 6/12

This is only the second year of grazing this weedy, hill pasture. Along the top of the field are pine trees for shade. Our moveable shelter is also in the field for protection. Without a hydrant across the road, I pull a hose from the house to the trough. Storing hoses on both sides of the road lessens the amount of daily hose pulling. After filling I am sure to remove the hose end from the uphill trough so all the water does not siphon out. (Experience is a strict teacher). Without the help of family and friends, and cautious country drivers this would all be impossible.

Harper 6/12
Lily '11
Hill field 6/12