Ducklings hatching

Yesterday I moved 13 duck eggs form the incubator with the egg turner to the "hatcher".  The Hatcher is just another styrofoam incubator with no turner. For duck eggs I add extra water and a wet sponge to keep the humidity high enough for a duck hatch.

When transferring the eggs two showed signs that hatching was imminent. The first duckling hatched yesterday afternoon. I was able to watch the second duckling hatch this morning. Hatching is strenuous. This morning's duckling worked through yesterday to crack around the circumference of the thick duck eggshell. Once free of the shell, the duckling flopped, rather violently, around on the hatcher floor, getting his/her webbed feet flat after the confines of the egg. In a natural hatch earlier hatchlings rest under the duck until all ducklings are hatched then the babies are on the ground, discovering food, water and shelter under the direction of the mother duck. I believe that only the strongest ducklings survive the hatching process which makes sense when recalling that in a natural hatch hatchlings are so quickly in the world.