Cattle drive back to the barn field

After a month grazing the hill pasture the Belties were ready to move back across the road to the barn field. We looped polywire on fiberglass posts, creating a path for the girls and Murphy to follow. With only two people to manage the move, the golf cart held the SE wire that crossed the road and acted as a visual barrier to the beef and oncoming traffic. With another person tending the W line, I was able to lead, then follow the herd with no complications. The Belties are sharing the field with the sheep until the orchard and upper fields are ready to graze again.

penny 1 (2).jpg
penny 1 (3).jpg

Penny has yet to calve.  Noting the bull's depture date, she has until the end of the month  (plus one week for an overdue calf) to give birth. The absence of an observed heat cycle since last summer and an overall look of robust health are the only indications that she is pregnant. Unlike Blair, her girth  and udders have not dramatically increased in size. The wait continues.