A return to the farm of my teens

While travelling last week I was able to visit that farm which so influenced my younger years. The parents of my friend are still there , growing vegetables on 125 acres in western NY. The 1 1/2 hour visit on the porch was a treat. There are more tractors, each with its own implement to limit the necessity of changing attachments too often which can be dangerous.The farmyard is still a beehive of activity, evidence of sowing, transplanting and cultivating abound. With trips to the market over and children grown and pursuing their own dreams, the farm stand is self serve and my childhood assistance is no longer needed. When I look at the farm through an adult's eyes, with my own limited rural experience , it is still a place of wonder.  My wonder is further enhanced now that I know that each of those machines require upkeep, planting schedules are vexed by weather, harvest is tormented by pests and a fair price is not guaranteed.The resilience and grit of this couple, balanced with their sense of peace and joy after so many years inspires me to live up to their example and to be thankful for my time on their farm.