August 11th, another day on the farmstead

Today is a beautiful day on our ridge; it is mostly sunny with a bit of breeze and tolerable humidity.  It is a day to be thankful for, especially since the rains have kept the pastures growing and the cistern full. After the regular feeding and watering chores, I pounded posts and moved the cows and sheep to a fresh paddock behind the boat barn.  The sheep had a slight detour before turning out on the fresh pasture.  I moved them to the stall in the bottom of the barn to check feet and worm, where necessary.  I was pleased that not all of the sheep needed wormer and hooves looked sound. 

The geese have remained in the orchard away from the house yard so they are still free to graze.  Tonight I will lock the chickens in their eggmobile in anticipation of moving them to a new area tomorrow. The Buckeye with five chicks is an attentive mother.  The two biddies sharing a nest have at leat two chicks hatched but have not left the nest, waiting for more chicks. The guineas are attempting to set another nest near the Roma tomato plot.  In spite of a squawking defense, I had to break up the nest.  We do not need more guineas on bug patrol, especially when the guineas add ripening tomatoes to their diet.

The garden yielded basil, hot peppers, Roma and slicing tomatoes and beans for drying today.  I planted buckwheat in the cleared bean bed. I also harvested calendula petals and seeds.  I used the rainwater from the cistern to water the hoophouse. Because there is sediment in the cistern, I need to manually water the hoophouse. Watering time is usually a good time to read.

After a couple days of rainy weather and peach canning, working outside was a pleasure.