Starting a strawberry bed/Putting the poultry to work

starting the strawberry bed copy.jpg

I want a small strawberry bed, as I wait for the soil to be improved in my planned strawberry patch. Two weeks ago I placed the pens holding the chicks and ducklings between the hoophouse and Barn Pasture fence.  The spot gets full sun, is well drained and has had the benefit of open bottomed poultry pens before. After the birds scratched up the grass, I layered weeds, wood shavings and old hay to keep the fowl clean and add the " carbon diaper," as Joel Salatin says, to catch the nitrogen and other nutrients from their waste. It is almost time to move the chicks out to join the flock, move the ducklings into the next pen, without their Buckeye mother. and plant the strawberry runners that a good friend shared.