In late May/early June we will have pasture raised, organic grain-fed chicken and duck available for on farm pick up. 

Chicken is $4/lb, with an expected weight of 3-6 pounds.                                                                                                           Duck is $5.85/lb, with an expected finished weight of 4-6 pounds.

If feed costs unexpectedly rise more than 10% I will have to proportionally increase the price per pound. If this occurs, I will let you know of the price change and refund your deposit if you do not wish pay the added cost.

Poultry will be chilled, not frozen at pick up time.

Whole birds may be vacuum bagged or bagged in a clear plastic, twist-tie closed bag, without vacuum sealing.  If you plan on freezing your birds whole, I recommend the vacuum packaging.

If you wish, you may have your birds cut up into nine pieces and twist-tie bagged for an additional $2.25 per bird. 

To preorder your poultry, please complete the order form. After you receive an emailed order form receipt, please reserve your birds with a $2 per chicken or $5 per duck deposit. Mail deposit checks to: Lilac Hill Farm, 10 Murray Road, Muncy, PA 17756. Your deposit will be subtracted from your total at pick up.

If you have any questions about the process or about your meat, please email me or give me a call.