Our laying flock is a mix of green egg laying Cream Legbars and brown laying red hens.  Our hens are fed locally sourced, certified, organic grain. Call or email to get on our egg buyers list..

  • $3.75 per dozen

Farmstead Soap

Our scented, cold process soap is made from blends of coconut oil, olive oil and beef tallow. The bars clean gently with a light lather. If you are interest in custom scents feel free to contact me.

  • $4/bar, 3 bars/$11


All of the honey in our jars is from our three hives sited in our terraced apiary. Our queens are local, from a line of hygienic queens bred by our bee club, The Beekeepers of the Susquehanna Valley, If you bring me a canning jar, take $1 off the listed price.

  • 1/2 pint , $5.70
  • Pint, $10.40

Grass-fed Katahdin lamb 

We will have grass-fed lamb available by the half, whole, and a limited supply of retail cut packs. 
The lamb will be cut according to your instructions, professionally wrapped, labeled, and frozen. We use a licensed facility for our butchering.
Whole and half lamb is $7 per pound based on hanging weight—the step just before the meat is divided into the retail cuts. Depending on your cutting order, the amount of meat you put in your freezer will weigh less than the hanging weight as bone and inedible bits are trimmed. Most years our lambs' hanging weights average 35-45 lbs.

Whole and half lamb is reserved with a $35 deposit. I will assist you with your cutting order if you wish. Lamb must be picked up on the farm.

Encouraged by the success of the applewood roasted whole lamb, I will have whole lambs available for those who want a stunning centerpiece for their winter 2017 and spring 2018 holiday tables. Contact me for pricing and availability.

Retail cuts are vacuum packed in a USDA meat processing facility.

  • Ground or cubed, $6.75/lb, 
  • Chops, $9.95/lb

Pilgrim Goose

Depending on the success of our spring 2017 breeding season, we will have Pilgrim or mixed breed goslings for sale. In the fall we will have pastured, whole, vacuum packaged and frozen goose for sale. Goose must be preordered and reserved with a $10 deposit and picked up on the farm.  $6.75/pound.

Chicken Broth

Canned in a commercial kitchen from our organic, grain-fed roosters and retired hens.

  • $5/pint, $7/quart

Pastured, certified organic grain-fed chicken

In the spring we raise broad-breasted meat chickens, bred specifically for non-confinement barn conditions. Once they are old enough, our birds live in open-bottom pens that we move across our fields. By moving the pens at least once, sometimes twice, a day the birds always have access to fresh grass. In addition to the pasture grasses, flowers, and bugs that the chickens happily harvest, our birds are fed a certified organic feed from a local farmer.

Chicken will be available in June. All poultry must be preordered and reserved with $3/bird deposit. All orders must be picked up at the farm. If you wish to have your chicken cut up, the butcher's fee will be added to your order and the meat will not be in a vacuum sealed bag.

  • Whole chicken in a vacuum sealed bag $4.25/lb

Breeding Stock/Hatching Eggs




Legbar eggs- $1/egg; Goose eggs - $10/egg; Goslings-$20;weaned lambs $125. To order breeding stock or hatching eggs, please contact me so I can collect and store your eggs and select goslings, chicks or sheep that best meet your needs.


Unless prearranged, all orders must be picked up at the farm.