Our hens are fed locally sourced, certified, organic grain. We raise heritage Dominique hens for our laying flock. Call or email to get on our egg buyers list.

  • $3.75 per dozen

Farmstead Soap

Our scented, cold process soap is made from blends of coconut oil, olive oil and beef tallow. The bars clean gently with a light lather. If you are interest in custom scents feel free to contact me.

  • $4/bar, 3 bars/$11

Stew Chickens for Broth Making

Old hens and mean roosters make excellent broth. Birds are whole, with neck and feet if you wish. Stew hens are available seasonally so contact me to get on our stew bird list.

  • $7/bird

Seasonal Garden and Orchard Products

Contact us or follow us on Instagram to see what is coming into to season and available.

Email or call the farm to order


The honey in our jars is from our two hives, sited in our terraced apiary. To get on our honey customer list, please contact the farm. If you bring me a canning jar, take $1 off the listed price.

  • 1/2 pint , $6

  • Pint, $11

  • Quart, $20


We will have grass-fed, Kathadin lamb available by the half, whole, and a limited supply of retail cuts. All lamb must be preordered.

Whole and half lamb -  Lamb will be cut according to your instructions, professionally wrapped, labeled, and frozen.  Most years our lambs' hanging weights (the step just before the meat is divided into retail cuts) average 38 lbs. 

  • $7.50/lb based on hanging weight ($35 deposit)

Retail cuts are vacuum packed in a USDA meat processing facility. ($10 deposit)

  • Ground or cubed, $7/lb,

  • Chops, $10/lb

  • Bone-in leg of lamb, $10/lb

Pilgrim Goose

In the fall/winter 2019, we will have whole, vacuum bagged goose. Pilgrim geese are a medium sized geese that graze from spring until winter when we add pellets and alfalfa hay to their diet.

  • $7/pound.

Organic grain-fed Chicken

In the spring and fall we raise broad-breasted meat chickens, bred specifically for pasture raising. Once fully feathered and weather conditions permit, our birds live in open-bottom pens that are moved across our fields, giving the birds clean pasture underfoot. 

Chicken will be available in June and October. Chickens must be preordered and reserved with a $2 deposit.

  • $4.25/lb, whole, vacuum bagged

  • $4.25/lb, cut-up, plus added butcher’s fees. Cut up birds will not be vacuum bagged.

Breeding Stock/Pet Lambs/Hatching Eggs/Farmyard Roosters




Goose and Dominique eggs, available seasonally.

Cull roosters, $8

Weaned lambs $150-$225, depending on age and quality.

Contact the farm so we discuss which animals will best meet your needs.


Unless prearranged, all orders must be picked up at the farm.