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In an effort to control the tick population, Pearl Guineas were brought to Lilac Farm. They did a superb job and we did not need to treat our 4 dogs with tick repellant from May through October last year. The guineas are very wild, roosting in the trees most nights and ranging through the farmyard, fields and at the neighbor's across the road. Most of the growing season they only pecked the canning tomato plants and the corn and pumpkins, away from the main vegetable garden. They successfully raised two large clutches in the summer and after sharing two birds, eleven guineas remained. The first night they sought shelter in the barn, I captured 7 birds for the butcher. Four guineas fled into the dark.The dark purple carcasses were otherworldy. For a quick dish I sauteed the skinless breast cutlets in butter, garlic, lemon and rosemary. In spite of such little farm management we found the flavor of the tender,white meat more tasty than home grown chicken.

Now the guineas roam, usually spending the night in the barn. Next summer I will need to find a way to protect our gardens, keep the ticks and other insects under control and harvest delicious meat from those wild birds.