March 25, 2013

Undeterred by Puxsutawney Phil's predictions for an early spring, snow has been falling all morning. In spite of its inconvenience, I do perfer this light snow to last year's unseasonablely early spring.

flock in march snow copy.jpg
portia and paxton's 1st snow.jpg  copy.jpg

With the wethers and ram out of the barn and across the road, I move the ewes and lambs into the barnyard daily. Within the confines of the barn, the lambs learn to move with the flock from the ewes' pen, through the temporary corridor, to the barnyard stall and then the barnyard. The first moves were  loud, with ewes calling to their lambs as they made the trip to the outside. After a few days of practice the flock moves as a whole, lambs jostling along as a group and rubbing against their mothers once they reach the barnyard. For our rotational grazing during the green seasons, a flock that moves well together is an asset. This mild, windless day seemd a perfect time to intorduce the lambs to snow.