And still we wait for lambs

005 and 006 waiting for lambs copy.jpg
verbena april'13 copy.jpg

Four of our Katahdins have not lambed. These four sheep are "theaves"( Theave or theaf (plural of either: theaves) – a young female sheep, usually before her first lamb (used especially in lowlandEngland). Also gimmer.), first timers.These two girls, 005 and 006 are showing signs that they are nearing the end of their pregancies. In addition to physical changes, their behavior has changed and their usual reserve has been replaced with friendliness.Verbena and her sister Viola do not show the physical changes associated with late pregnancy. I pulled Burgess from the ewes in January so they could lambs as late as June, if they are bred.

So, my shepherd's mind is whirling. If they did breed, why so late?  If they are not bred, why not? They could have been a bit young when l put Burgess in with the ewes so perhaps, if bred, their lambing date is more in tune with their age.These girls are from Mab, one of my first and favorite ewes. She is not skittish, has a large, deep body, and has lambed every year without trouble; I want her genetics in my flock.

Do I give them another year or do I cull?