June 2, 2013

mowing the hill pasture 1 copy.jpg
mowing the hill pasture 2 copy.jpg
mowing the hill pasture 3 copy.jpg

Despite late frosts alternating with 80'+ heat, the pastures grew, even the Hill Pasture, rife with multiflora rose and other invasive undesirables. The Belites ate the tasty forage and left the overgrown, unpalatable stems. With time at a premium, I did not rotationally graze this pasture. The girls ate what they wished, supplemented with green chop from the North Pasture. Our Farmall Cub mowed all but the steepest of the pasture, knocking down the overgrowth and pruning the multiflora before they went to seed. Later this season the cows and maybe the sheep will return to graze.