Barnyard management

barnyard scraped clean copy.jpg
sorghum seed copy.jpg
roughing up the barnyard copy.jpg
seeding sorghum:sudan seed copy.jpg
sorghum:sudan grass seed copy.jpg
barnyard seeded and mulched copy.jpg

This spring we lambed earlier and had more ewes than last year.  Deep bedding in the barn and barnyard kept the the Katahdins healthy and clean but resulted in new management issues for me. After scraping up the manure/straw/hay layer and piling it for composting, the barnyard was bare.Bare ground is anathema to a farmer on thin ground so I visited Norm's farm store in search of cover cropping seed.Sudangrass is a good choice for summer seeding; it can tolerate heat and drought and can be harvested for feed. After cutting in the fall I may sow rye into the space.The old wheel hoe/plow, that was in the barn when we move here did a good job scratching up the rocky, compacted soil.I broadcast the seed with our yard spreader.Raked the seed in.I used the last of the bedding straw to mulch the seed and waited for the falling rain to do its work.